[fixed] Sections including two times the header
[fixed] Permission of content entry will not be saved and used the default group.
[fixed] Section handling for content entry was only working for one section and not for more
[new] Add BBCode Table.
[fixed] Permission of content entry will not be saved and used the default group.
[fixed] Event participation box on click of an calendar entry add on every click a new entry to the selectbox.
[fixed] On edit of an content entry , new menue point was created.
[fixed] Fixed Gallery view - slideshow not possible.
[new] Add participation counter to event calendar view.
[fixed] Download Links (Attachments) open now in a sep. tab.
[new] Add thumbnail functionality for avatar images.
[new] Add event participation buttons directly on event details.
[fixed] Add checkbox allow / disallow comments for create / edit content .
[fixed] Permission selection not possible by editing a content entry.
[fixed] Wrong presence colors.
[fixed] Button deliver was not working.
[fixed] Fixed Deleting of Event.
[fixed] Fixed content listing on user list.
[updated] Own mp4 / webm / mpeg videos working now.
[fixed] Fixed click handler for event participation.
[updated] Fixed some issues with subdirectory access and seo listing
[updated] Fixed profile image issues
[updated] Changed navigation handling and display
[updated] Changed htaccess
[new] Add new crawler detection version 1.2.66
[updated] Fixed some Index Issues
[new] Implemented new Module [Newsletter]
[new] Add date_update column for Module [Content]
[updated] Changed robot.txt
[new] Add error handling 404 / 410
[new] Add new crawler detection version 1.2.64
[new] Add Chat Module
[new] GEO Location logging enabled, to get all necessary inforations for Spotter for these location
[new] Add Password reset module
[new] Add Guestbook module
[new] Add Syllabus module
[new] Add Diff functionality for content pages
[new] User Awards
[new] Added Falcon BMS WDP export possibility to Events view
[new] Changelog page completed
[new] Permission Handler for content pages
[new] New version of crawler detection
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