Tactical Training - S-RDAF - VJS 161

  • Flight plan files and updated tasking are ready. Will do a MP test session with MIL around 0900 today. When done I will share the mission files for Sunday. Tasking has been altered so S-RDAF will do the A-G tasks and VJS-161 + Santas little helpers will be tasked to DCA and TARCAP.

  • 2023-12-01

    Intelligence update on the situation between Yellowland and Redland.


    The past few days, activity has increased near the border between Yellowland and Redland. Redland armored units, SP artillery units and Mech INF units have been reported moving out of the army bases they normally operate from. All indications point them moving to the north. Indications are battalion size units, so a formidable force is on the move. So far two tank battalions of primarily T-80 tanks with supporting vehicles have been confirmed to be on the move along with one battalion of 2S19 self-propelled artillery vehicles from their base in the south of Redland. Furthermore, three HQ battalions have left their barracks and have assembled on the outskirts of the city of Kristiansand, Kippan and Höor cites. Near the border crossing where the skirmish between the two nations has played out, Redland forces are now dominating the area and civilian police units are not present anymore. Intelligence sources also show that three mobile SAM units all SA-6 systems have been reported to be active just south of Yellowlands border. No hard locks have been reported by Yellowland military aircraft, but the system is active and is tracking actively. Yellowland civilian air traffic has been restricted to flying within 20nm of the border to prevent any unprovoked accidents.

    This leads to concern by the UN security council and the NATO command. Therefore, with the backing of the UN, NATO have activated relevant NATO member countries and have begun the deployment of assets to bases in Denmark. The operations have been given the title BALTIC ENDEAVOUR.

    Nations that have put forces on high alert and are currently deploying units to Denmark are:

    · USA

    · United Kingdom

    · France

    · Finland

    · Norway

    The US has deployed the USMC carrier LH-1 ESSEX to the Baltic and has 8 F-15E from Lakenheath on standby, ready to deploy within 12 hours. 4 EA-18G have been deployed to Wittmund AB in Germany from the Mediterranean carrier group currently on task in that region. Two B-1B bombers are currently on standby in the US and can deploy with very short notice.

    2 E-8A JSTAR aircraft are currently on route to Aalborg AB from Greece.

    2 KC-135R have left Mildenhall, and have deployed to Aalborg AB.

    12 F-16C from Spangdahlem AB in Germany have also been activated for deployment and are able to move within hours.

    The United Kingdom have reported that they will deploy 10 F-35B to Karup today with all the needed support to maintain operations from Karup.

    France have stated that they will be ready to deploy 8 Rafale and those aircraft are to arrive to Skrydstrup within a few hours.

    Finland have deployed 6 F/A-18 that will arrive at Karup AB.

    Norway have provided 6 F-35A to Karup, they are to arrive today.

    NATO has deployed 2 E-3A AWACS to Aalborg AB.

    Denmark has 16 F-16s ready to support the situation if action is required.

    Yellowland has beefed up their operations and have activated their armed forces and the air force has increased operations. Armored units and artillery units are on high alert and have been reported by Yellowlands government that they are ordered to move to forward areas near the border, ready to counter whatever Redland intensions are. Two Patriot SAM sites have been put on high alert and are monitoring the skies over the region.

    NATO has close consultations with Yellowland regarding the situation and confirmed the full support of NATO, should REDLAND begin to escalate the already high tensions between the two nations.

  • Test went well. Files for Sunday are ready.

    Tasking are as follows:

    VJS-161 - four ship --> TARCAP - protecting SNAKE

    VJS-161 - two ship --> DCA - Protecting TIGER

    SNAKE are to engage ground targets at Trelleborg - primary target is Radio/TV station

    TIGER are to engage SHORAD battalion in Malmö - Alternative target is the SA-2 site placed at Malmö air base if AI does not perform as desired.

    NOTE: DO NOT change any skins

    Link for the files needed: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oj8…yprn-HG61Ip0e-T6bUsa?dl=0

    Should any questions arise and the need for adjustments, it will be done on Sunday when everyone is online to the server. If major changes are needed, all will make a save game, when/if needed, then disconnect from the server, close BMS and reconnect to the server afterwards.

    (Server is running 1000 mbit download and 500 mbit upload)

    Time to join our TS. We plan to start the briefing at 1930 LT. Coordination between the flights will be done after the master briefing is done. We look forward to get things moving and enjoy some quality time with you guys. :)

  • Naming convention:

    Most southern SA-2 Guideline will be referenced as " SA-2 SOUTH"

    Codewords used by SNAKE and STALLION"

    STALLION will call the following:

    "BAR IS OPEN" Area is clear of Air to air threats and SNAKE can leave HOLD for the attack

    "BAR IS CLOSED" Area is no longer clear and SNAKE should proceed south and wait for “BAR IS OPEN” call.

    "SNAKE SPIN/LEAN" SNAKE will proceed as directed

    “LAST CALL” STALLION is 5 min until RTB due to weapons/fuel

    STALLION 1 will have SPIN/LEAN authority over SNAKE

    SNAKE will call the following

    “WHISKY” SNAKE is established in the HOLD

    "TEQUILA" Directing TIGER 2 to DEAD SA-2 SOUTH

    Any changes, comments or spears let me know and I will update this post accordingly

    SNAKE 1


    • Official Post

    Hey guys,

    I tried to get Baltic to work today. But I always had a CTD when I went into 3D. Strange thing is that the BMS launcher writes an extra line in the theater.lst


    If I start BMS as usual, the line does not appear and I can get into 3D without CTD. Unfortunately not with VR...

    Unless someone has a tip, I'm out for tomorrow. That would be a great pity.



  • Hi Maddog

    I have no idea why this happens. The line BALTIC-FL is for Falcon online use. Try to delete this line, not needed. I don't use VR myself, so it is a bit of a mystery to me, why this would occur.

  • Hi folks! I’m very sorry but I cannot make it to the flight.

    Today I installed a new graphic card and psu. Something on my mainboard was cooked after switching the system on. Whole PC dead. Hopefully you guys have a great mission. I hope I can join the next one.



  • With the first flight done and everyone being able to return, that was the main success for me. No technical issues other than a IP number issue. What a great way to start. BDA will be done over the coming days and the result of the first mission will be provided when ready. I had a great feeling after the flight was done and the laughs on TS afterwards was a clear indication that is was ended a fun and good mission.

    I want to share some images from last night.




  • Alrighty guys - it time to reflect a little on the first mission flown on Sunday the 3rd.

    - Any future flights will be done in packages. My mistake on the first setup - is fixed for the next mission.

    - The mission will have one overall MC and one package commander. It will be the package commander that will be in charge of the task assigned and the individual must be able to do the coordinating stuff one week ahead before any flying will take place. This means that the package commander must be able to assign the available pilots in the package on what is needed to be done.

    - The most important thing is the time we have in the 3D world. Therefore, getting into the 3D world must happen no later than 30 minutes after the briefing on the final details have been briefed. A well prepared flight is mandatory. So I will in any future planning go "gold" with the mission files and related materials no less than one week before the planned flight. My wish will be that the reported IN from our virtual pilots will hold and thereby give us time to work with what is known. I'm very much aware that RL always tries to fuck up our possibilities to get behind our desktop pit, technical problems, illness, those things happen and nothing can be done about it. We adapt and overcome.

    - We need to enhance our coordination, so I suggest that no later than one week before the flight, a meeting on TS is the way to optimize the mission ahead. This meeting will be held with the MC and the package commander and flight lead pilots.

    Please give me your thoughts on how you see we can optimize on this. Anything we can do to make the flow smother is in my interest.

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    From my point of view, the first flight worked very well: Preparation, story, briefing, TE... everything went smoothly.

    Packing all flights into one package makes perfect sense, we've already talked about it.

    I also think it makes perfect sense to appoint an MC and/or package commander. We'll have to see whether we need both with a maximum of 10 pilots.

    However, I am sceptical about the maximum of 30 minutes to 3D. My experience says: 15 minutes mass briefing, 5 minutes IVC check, 5 minutes biobreak, 10 minutes flight lead briefing, 20 minutes flight briefing = 55 minutes. With good documentation and individual preparation of everyone a week before the flight, 45 minutes is possible - but I know our pilots ;)

    I also like the suggestion to meet again before the flight and discuss the gameplan. The question is, does everyone have to take part or are the leaders of branch/deputies enough? The fewer participants, the easier it is to find a date. And if the lead/element lead knows the game plan, he can pass it on to the wingies quite quickly.

    I have one more addition: a commladder or TACAN and IDM settings should be defined.

  • Copy all Bloodhound - good points.

    For any future coordination what do you guys use? Discord or something else you already told me about, sorry, my age - be gentle! ^^

    For the next mission preparation, I aim for one week before, mainly to be attended by flight leads of the planned flight. As the previous flight you will be responsible of air cover and we will take out the ground targets. So a coordination between the leads in this setup makes good sense in my point of view. The better the groundwork of the leads, the faster we can do the briefing and get in 3D. Time is our adversary when people need to get up for work on Monday morning.

    I am the Mission planner for the next and the third flight, and therefore I take a step back when it comes down to the lead task and planning in among the flights, I know to much... ;)

    I therefore suggest that we make use of a package commander that define how the mission will be done from the tasking provided by my planning. Hope that makes sense.

    I'm currently done with the main flight planning and will begin with the ground targets distribution for the two flights that are currently planned. These two ground attack flights needs to be protected. The sooner you have an indication on how many pilots you will bring, the better. Our situation, as I have mentioned a few times are limited to four pilots at best.

    I wish you all a great weekend. :beer2

  • That sounds awesome.

    As things look right now, I will be overall mission commander.

    I will need to be able to coordinate with you prior the actual brief. I need some kind of forum to do this during the up comming weeks.

    Therefor I have created the " S-RDAF Joint Ops" group on Facebook to those of you who used Facebook. It is a place to start until we all agree on a common solution.

    Bei Facebook anmelden

    Just write something like (Bulls or 161 or something for me to recognize you as VJS-161)

    If you allready know who will be OCA Lead please let me know.

    Ziri If you have any stuff you want to coordinate with me regarding control let me know. you are obviously my C2 Package lead :)


  • Hi MIL,

    the most of us are not using WhatsApp and Facebook for the same reason... If it´s ok then we can use a messanger like Signal or better Threema. That would make the communication much easier.

    And I assume that I am the Lead for the OCA...

    Lets just use this forum for any coordination.