1. Goals

In the group, we want to continuously develop and improve our skills. This includes not only the reproduction of real procedures, but also personal skills. Team success is the goal! As an active pilot in the squadron, the most important thing is to fly, fly, fly and have fun doing it!

2. Code of conduct

The fun of military online flying is our priority, undisciplined, unfriendly behavior or wild "banging around" is not desired. As a member of VJS 161, you undertake to treat each other in a fair, tolerant and respectful manner. Any glorification of violence, insults, discrimination or political statements are not permitted. However, constructive criticism that serves the further development of the squadron is welcome.

3. Structure

The VJS-161 is roughly modeled on the military and organizational structure of a real flying squadron. All members receive flying qualifications based on the examinations they have achieved in our syllabus, their time with us and their administrative duties. We consider flying qualifications to be more important than virtual rank. Pilots and controllers have a virtual home with us.

4. Personal requirements

The minimum age for membership of VJS 161 is 18 years of age. The language used in flight operations and most briefing documents is English. A basic knowledge of the English language is therefore required. Regular participation in training, practicing certain procedures offline (e.g. aerial refueling) and self-study of the BMS manuals is required.

Each pilot is given a nickname.

This nickname must fulfill the following requirements:

  • maximum 2 syllables
  • must not be confused with Brevities
  • no special characters
  • may only occur once in the squadron (see roster)

Membership in another online squadron is not permitted. Documents for internal use, such as SOP or training documents, may not be made accessible to third parties.

5. Technical requirements

A BMS-compatible Windows PC (BMS system requirements)

Original FALCON 4.0 and the current Falcon BMS version (benchmark sims)

Joystick with throttle, better HOTAS

Teamspeak and a headset

for briefing/training: AnyDesk, Tacview

recommended: TrackIR or other headtracker

6. Participation in flight operations

Members are obliged to attend training regularly. Training times: Monday/Thursday 20:00 (UTC+1/UTC+2)

Spontaneous flights take place outside the regular training times. These will be communicated via the VJS 161 forum or forums of friendly squadrons. For optimal organization of flight operations, pilots must register in the ATO on Falcon Events.

7. Exclusion of pilots

In the event of serious misconduct, pilots may be excluded from participating in squadron operations. The decision is made by the squadron captain in consultation with his deputies.

Reasons for exclusion may include

  • Repeated insults to other squadron members
  • Defamation of the VJS-161 in forums or on other platforms
  • Repeated disruption of flight operations due to undisciplined behavior despite warnings
  • Prolonged absence without giving reasons
  • Making internal documents publicly available