The Virtual Fighter Squadron 161 was founded in September 2003 by friends of military aviation. Initially, Lock On Modern Air Combat and later Flaming Cliffs were used as simulations. Since 2012, the "MAD BULLS" have been flying one of the most complex military flight simulations:

Falcon BMS

BMS is a constantly evolving modification of the legendary F-16 simulator FALCON 4.0 from 1998. We use the F-16C Blk 50/52 exclusively in the fighter role ("Air-Air-Role"). The aim of the VFS 161 is to simulate the flight operations of a real fighter squadron. The tasks of a fighter squadron include CAP, Escort, Sweep, ID runs/Intercept and HVVAA (not only against AI). As far as possible, we try to implement real-life NATO standards.

In addition to the pure air-to-air tasks, regular cross-squadron COMAO training including mission planning is carried out. Extensive events are also held with friendly squadrons with up to 30 pilots, in which complex air war scenarios are presented.

The theater of operations is currently Korea KTO or the Balkans.

If these terms mean nothing to you, but you are enthusiastic about the simulation and would like to share this enthusiasm with like-minded people online - don't worry, beginners will of course also receive basic training from our IPs (Instructor Pilots) and will quickly find their way into virtual airspace. However, as with all flight simulations, the learning curve is very high, so regular participation in our training courses is essential. You should also be prepared to practise offline and take a look at the manuals from time to time. Outside the virtual world, there is an active squadron life in the VFS 161, at least once a year there is a squadron meeting, usually in connection with a visit to an air show or an aviation museum, followed socializing. It is also obligatory for some pilots to take part in the Buchenau LAN, which takes place every November.

If we have aroused your curiosity, then simply check in under "Registration" for a trial training session or apply directly for membership.

See you there! Visual!