20 years VJS 161 "MAD BULLS"

In September 2003, three military aviation and simulation enthusiasts founded the virtual fighter squadron 161 "MAD BULLS", named after the Luftwaffe radar command company 161 and the heraldic animal of Mecklenburg.

20 years is a very long time in the virtual world, a lot has happened, a lot has changed. In the beginning, simulations such as "Flanker 2.0", "Lock On - Modern Air Combat" and, until 2012, "Flaming Cliffs" were used. Since 2012, there has been a switch to BMS 4.32 and the use of the F-16C in the pure air-to-air role. Like BMS, the squadron has been able to develop steadily in recent years and is looking to a future with the best tactical F-16C simulation, the F-15C "Eagle" as a powerful addition to air combat, virtual reality and many missions with friendly units.

Simulator pilots who want to specialize in the air-to-air role have found their home in the squadron, but controllers also have their home here. Four pilots from 161 are now building an F-16 cockpit and are networked with other "pit builders" far beyond the country's borders. The squadron meets regularly, be it for a squadron meeting in Laage followed by evenings in the "Schallmauer", be it at music concerts, birthdays or just for fun.

Very good conditions for another 20 years!